The Value Summary tab pulls the majority of data from PRMF. The New Construction values come from PRTAX. The bottom portion of the screen is summarized data from the corresponding tabs in CAMA.

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Value Tab PRMF screen











The Review Record data is all stored in PRREVIEW.


Value Section PRREVIEW screen











The Visit Record tab uses the table PRVISIT and PRMF.


Value Section PRVISIT screen











The Assessment Record data can be found in PRTAX.


Value section PRTAX screen













Privacy Preference Center


This information is collected only on our contact form, and submitted by the user. The user will be contacted by ACT in response to their request.

name, email address



These items are collected to determine user traffic, user journey, as well as number of users, number of new and returning visitors and their locations.

location, user IP address, device type